Career Development

If you are returning to the work-force after a long absence, wanting to switch careers or are a first-time job seeker, chances are you will come up against the ‘work experience required’ barrier. It can be incredibly disheartening and frustrating to see the job of your dreams advertised, in which you just know you would do well, and feel that your life circumstances have disqualified you from applying or competing for the position....Read More

Over the last five years, the composition of the workforce has undergone a significant change. For the first time in history – four generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y/Millennial) are present in today’s workforce, each generation with its own perspective, expectations, needs and values. This presents a challenge in that a “one size fits all” approach to managing such a workforce won’t produce a...Read More

When Mark Murphy, bestselling author and CEO of Leadership IQ, tracked 20 000 new hires over a three-year period, and then discovered that a whopping 46% of them failed within 18 months, he wasn’t telling us anything new.  After all, as bad as that result sounds, it is consistent with the findings of other similar studies. Murphy, however, did offer something interesting when he went on to explain in his book, Hiring for Attitude, the...Read More

Roman Krznaric, author of “How to Find Fulfilling Work” asks, “What is your current career doing to you as a person—to your mind, character and relationships?” We, too often, get stuck on auto-pilot, going through the daily motions of our jobs without taking the time to ask ourselves whether our jobs serve us and others. Studies show that finding meaning in our jobs increases levels of job satisfaction. In the past some of the key...Read More

Eagerness to learn – Curiosity is expressed in an eagerness for on-going learning.  Constantly tuning into the opportunities to learn more shows how serious you are about making your career a success.  Studying formally, developing new job skills, job shadowing, attending training events, conferences and presentations are all indications of a life-long learner who cares about constantly adding value to others. Keeping Up to Date – It...Read More

There’s no doubt that starting out in a new position is highly stressful. We feel the pressure to make a great impression on colleagues and the bosses at just the time when we are really vulnerable because we are trying to learn the ropes. First off, take a deep breath and focus on being more relaxed. You got the job and so you can begin with the confidence that you are wanted and that someone sees in you the capacity to be a success...Read More

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