Organisational Development

So, you have realised that your organisation is actually a sub-performing ‘hotshot’ – behind the hype and pompous industry standing, your company culture actually sucks. It’s an important awareness that leads to a critical question: Can this change? It is well-documented that changing an organically-grown, well-established corporate culture is one of the hardest achievements for a company. Though, if you’re a leader, your odds...Read More

In the world before social media, you advertised a position; tediously sorted through a pile of CV’s; staged an exhausting run of person to person interviews with candidates on the shortlist; and hopefully, picked one; never to hear from the rest again. How times have changed. It’s not just social media that’s made the difference. ‘The War for Talent’, a term coined by McKinsey, has opened up a landscape where the candidates you might...Read More

The long-term shortage of management skills means that filling leadership positions with people who have notched up the necessary years to make them experienced managers rarely happens. The result is that many are promoted into management before they are ready, and it’s not surprising that a staggering 60 to 80% of new managers fail. Leaders often overlook that when they raise an employee into a management position the person requires...Read More

There’s no end in sight for ‘The War for Talent’, a term coined by McKinsey back in 1999.  Companies are locked in competition for the best skills that they can attract; and they’re looking inward at what they need to do to retain their finest, sought after ‘stars’.  It’s the driving force behind the continuing rise of the ‘employer brand’, which is causing more and more businesses, especially those who rely on niche skills-sets, to...Read More

Over the last five years, the composition of the workforce has undergone a significant change. For the first time in history – four generations (Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X and Generation Y/Millennial) are present in today’s workforce, each generation with its own perspective, expectations, needs and values. This presents a challenge in that a “one size fits all” approach to managing such a workforce won’t produce a...Read More

Corporate culture is as much a key driver of a business’ success, as it is of it’s failure.  World class organisations are known for strong corporate cultures that are client centric, employee focused, properly attuned to their business environments and adaptable in the face of change. Corporate culture exists in all organisations, whether by thoughtful and careful design or by default, as a result of organic growth.  The culture can...Read More

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