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We take a high-level, strategic view of finding the right leader or team member for your business. We start with ensuring we have a comprehensive understanding of the very DNA of your organization, exploring the living values and culture and we investigate your business model and strategic objectives.

We start this research in the context of team, business unit, department and expand it to the organization as a whole, and its standing in the industry. We collaborate closely with you and your team, helping you to define and refine what your business needs from this role, and profiling the potential candidates who will uniquely shape the role to achieve their career ambitions. Once this deep understanding and sharp clarity is achieved, we work with you to determine and agree on the optimal search strategy for the position.

Committed – Ethical – Relevant

It is most likely that the leadership or expert talent that you want is currently employed, and is probably, not particularly thinking about a career move. Traditional recruitment processes will pass this candidate by. Our professional, ethical headhunters in South Africa will expand the talent pool on your behalf and help connect you to talent that is rare and hard to reach.

Our extensive database spans South Africa, South Africans abroad, Africa and also interfaces with our international networks.

Insights and Assessment of Potential

Our strategic search assignment process enables us to confidentially target and interview specific individuals with potential. We mine specific dimensions in-depth, such as:

  • Clarity and authenticity of the candidate’s career goals
  • Contexts that enabled the candidate to achieve high performance and excellent results
  • Their potential assessed against your strategic business goals

We provide professional support for clients and candidates during the highly sensitive processes of interviewing, reviewing and prioritizing candidates. We are on hand to recommend negotiation terms, help manage the closure of the agreement and we stay in touch during on-boarding.

According to our agreement we follow up with both client and candidate at a specific time to assess the impact of our work and ensure that expectations are being met all round.

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