Actuarial Analyst

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EB Actuary

This employment equity candidate holds a B Sc cum laude (Maths, Actuarial Science), CT, CA 2 and ST3 and has paved a path of career excellence. He has extensive experience within Investment Services and Employee Benefits and is driven by ambition to excel in his field. He is pursuant in strategically aligning himself with an organisation that will afford him a step up in his career. This is truly a candidate that will exceed all expectations.

Actuarial Assistant (Life)

A diamond in the market! This well spoken and career focused employment equity candidate holds a B Sc (Maths and Stats), 6 CT exams and has gained great experience as a life valuations assistant actuary. She is ready for a new challenge and would like to explore opportunities within a life product development team, to truly become a specialist in the field. Being focused, highly career driven and with a hunger for success, this gem will not disappoint.

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